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sweet Thames run softly while I sing my song

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sweet Thames run softly while I sing my song cyerus
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BBC Sherlock fic: Bromance Isn't Dead
Title: Bromance Isn't Dead
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.
Characters/Pairings: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Greg Lestrade
Summary: John and Lestrade are epic bros.
Disclaimer: The BBC owns all.
Beta: Thanks toemmessann for the beta
Notes: Filled for this prompt on the kinkmeme.

Chinese version here, courtesy of Andrie.

ETA: French version at, AO3, and LJ, courtesy of lovesjohncasey

Link to AO3

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Gah, I love this fic SO MUCH. All the little details - John putting people through walls, Lestrade's kids' reactions, everything about Donovan, the idea of Sherlock with a boombox, and "John's mine", "compact assassin".... Everything. So glad you've posted it somehwere I can properly bookmark it. :D :D :D

Your html seems to have gone slightly wonky. I'm seeing all the tags for italics, instead of the italics.

Thank you muchly! Yeah, I'm having a bit of trouble using livejournal's rich text editor. Make things easier my foot. Thanks for the heads up!

I never tire of reading this :DDD

Thanks! I figure we could all use some ridiculous fluff in our lives every now and then.

Sherlock fic rec

User silverbrow referenced to your post from Sherlock fic rec saying: [...] Lestrade Watson Bromance, so cute [...]


that is all


This is absolutely divine and made me smile all day x)

So sweet.

Aw, thanks! I'm glad I was able to make you smile.

Loved it, thank you! My favourite line, "Lestrade shrugs, as best he can with a compact little assassin on top of him." :)

*points to icon* Because if there's two things John is absolutely fantastic at, it's being adorable and bamf.

I love that everyone except Mrs Lestrade and Sherlock are bewildered. They just understand their men so much better than everyone else. This is all kinds of awesome. Thankyou so much!

Thanks for the lovely review!

I am in awe of this, I really didn't believe I would ever want to read something like it but it blew me away.
I'm kinda running around in my mind going "ahhhhh soooo cuteeee!!!""
loved it!

Hehe, I was aiming for unbelievable cuteness. Hence the warnings.

OMG! I only found this a week ago... and I have read this EIGHT!!!! times.

'Compact little assissin' 'John's mine' 'ninja John' 'boombox... Sherlock' 'Lestrade' ...

The only complaint I have was that there isn't more!!!!

~ Rosie.
Thanks for consistantly brightening my day, every day for a week now! :-)

Thanks you for your kind words! I'm glad I was able to make your week a bit better!

Oh God, this just so gorgeous. I just love your descriptions of their relationship! And, also of their respective partners reactions. Just fantastic - made me smile after a pretty shitty time recently. Thanks!!!!

I'm glad I was able to make you smile. Thanks for your review!

Bahaha. I don't ever use this phrase, but for this special occasion: IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE!
I usually don't ever read fics where John and Lestrade are closer than necessary, either, but this was a good exception. I'm glad I did read it. So much awesome; the nod to Say Anything, Ninja baby-sitting John, Donovan's thoughts, "compact little assassin", and duh, "John's mine." As if anything to the contrary broke some fundamental law of physics.

Thanks! I wasn't so sure if I could pull of John/Lestrade non-sexual fluffiness, but this fic was so fun to write. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

someone recommended this and i have to agree with them. my first sherlock slash story and now i need more.

Haha, thanks! More Sherlock slash is always good.

Oh this is the BEST THING EVER! Sorry for the yelling but really this is just awesome. I love your John (very deadly) and I can really hear Sherlock saying, "He's mine!" Off to see what else you've written!

Thanks! And yes, John is very bamf and adorable while being so. I think the best description of him that I found was "an iron bamfy fist wrapped in a woolly glove."

god i adore this fic i've read it so many time and it still makes me laugh ^.^

ok. you're on my official *memories all* list.
boombox. *fist pump* YES!

This is made of adorable awesomeness! Seriously, I want to pet it and call it George. Thank you so much for writing and posting it. Reading this made my night.

aw! just aw! and aw! again

This is lovely and really made me smile! So many good lines in it. And I love Sherlock and Mrs L being most unfazed by the whole thing!

This was absolutely fantastic! I loved the little details and the image of Sherlock with a bomb box made me laugh out loud.



I love how confused everybody else is--apart from Sherlock and Lestrade's wife! *grins

"John's MINE." Erm, yes. LOL

Love the physical affection here. Boy do those boys need it. :)

I missed this somehow the first time around, "...compact little assassin" perfect description of John! This story is really very awesome!


I think this fic gave me cavities

I just found you and I think I love you.

THIS: platonic life partner!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!! My best friend and I (we're both girls) call each other heterosexual life partners because we are a MARRIED COUPLE (except that we're not married and we like guys).
Also, John as a little ninja-assassin is totally, 100% priceless.
So much LOVE! ♥♥♥♥!!!

I'm ashamed I'm just discovering this gem now. I mean - this is beautiful and silly and SO RIGHT. "Platonic life partners." Yes. Everything about this story is wonderful. I'm so glad I found it!

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